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Enabling Lasting Institutions

Empanion is a one-stop technology platform that seamlessly engages institutions and all its stakeholders.The Core team of empanion comprises of passionate co-founders, professionals and advisors who believe in creating world class institutions through digitization of operations of all their customers.

They come with years of experience in Technology, digital marketing, software development, business and delivery excellence across multiple industries. The empanion team believes that educational institutions and many corporates need large scale transformation and need to move from manual to digital operations.

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    "To transform digitally the entire operations of educational institutions by 2030"

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    "Digitize & create long-lasting institutions by enabling all stakeholders with right solutions at all points of time."

Sharing knowledge

Our Results

‘ How we deployed a customized Student information management Portal remotely at a school in Japan. A case study of executional excellence by Empanion’.

Our products are designed to be simple for our customers. Hence we named our Student information management portal as SIMPL.

It all started with an innocuous query which finally landed with us in Bengaluru. India. We connected with the customer, the entire faculty out of there, understanding their current systems, processes, and their expectations. This was discussed and refined to arrive at the first version.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated."
-R Collier

This included all processes like Admissions, Attendance, Parent teachers meeting, exams/tests, results, etc. After a few iterations, we successfully deployed the system at the school by training all the stakeholders and by providing a dedicated server in Japan.

And all these, without the parties having to visit each other. Did we have issues? Yes. However, our well-defined ticketing system for complaints and queries solved the issues on time while keeping the system operational.

Simply put, SIMPL is all about a collaborative approach, customizing our existing products to meet customer requirements and deploying them remotely and Voila, it goes LIVE!

Core Values

At the core, we at empanion believe in the following values:

Users First

We put Users first while designing and customising the product and solutions to our customers. By doing so, we ensure that users get seamlessly integrated solutions at all points of time.

Customer Centricity

We wear the hat of our customers and by partnering with them provide innovative, customised, yet simple solutions. This we believe will ensure lasting institutions and positive experience for all all our customers.


We act responsibly, transparently,as owners of the product and processes in all our interactions with our customers. Integrity also means protecting the data integrity and privacy of all data of our customers. By doing so, we create trustworthy relationships which is long lasting.

Executional Excellence

We deliver goals with accountability and innovate as per customer needs.We constantly strive and evolve with times so that customer requirements are met not just for current times but also for the future. Should there be an issue, the buck stops at our end and we work to close it with the shortest possible turnaround time.

Our Initiatives

What We Strive For?

Our endeavor is to digitally transform all operations and enable lasting institutions. The platform enables digital engagement and nurturing of students from admissions to exit as exemplary alumni from the annals of the institutions. We replicate the same across corporates with customised HR solutions and alumni portal

Once the operations becomes digital our AI engine intelligently analyzes the data and provides valuable insights to the stakeholders to enhance the productivity and efficiency of operations.

While doing this, our security features ensures data privacy and protection with server as per the local requirements of respective countries.

Meet Our Team

Technology entrepreneur and a solution architect with 20 years of experience developing and deploying customized applications with added expertise in UI/UX & developing hundreds of websites along with digital marketing.

Raghavendra Jayaramaiah

Founder / CEO &CTO

A corporate leader turned technology entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in Global MNCs like Coca-Cola, TATAS, and an advisor, mentor, and investor in the startup ecosystem.

Srinath Nagendra

Co-Founder / COO

Health care professional turned product marketeer and comes with 10 years of experience in selling technology products while establishing long-lasting relationships with customers.

Savipriya Raghavendra

Director, Partnerships & Alliances